Omnipatcher slight issue with TYG02 media

Used the fantastic omnipatcher to unlock certain speeds for certain media, anyhow slighty annoying thing happens with Taiyo yuden 02’s (8 -r) in nero about 5-10 % into the burn smartburn kicks in as if there is risk of buffer under run but resumes successfully each time. This only happens at the start of the burn and the rest is fine, i think its writing strategy problem. As this didnot occur before the patch. So what could be the cause of this? force shifting?

this also happens with ricohjpn01’s (rated at 4x but burned at either 6x or 8x)

This problem does not occur when the media is burned @ 4x, and its not a DMA issue as the drive is at udma33.

That Aside the omni patcher done a good job with burns @ 4x as the burn quality of my liteon 832s was much improved for -r burns.

as you see in the pic below a few PIF read spikes i don’t worry about them cause the writer handles the burned discs acceptably.

afaik, it happens all the time… it’s just the point where it upshifts, recalibrates, and continues… i too didnt notice it at first, got worried, but then was assured that that’s how it works

ah i see and this is the norm then?

Each time there is a shift in speed the drive has to stop, speed up an dresume the burn. +RW says this is a feature and has built in specs to create a seamless resume. With these liteon drives even if there is not shift in speed, on some media it shifts from 4x to 4x, usually creating coasters. But for 8X and 6x burns it happens with all media. Unlike some other drives liteons max start burn speed is 4x. On a good day.

i see thanks for the info peep