Omnipatcher Questions



hey all new to the forum and new to omnipatcher…and not to mention a complete newb to this firmware stuff…so please bare with me

first my sytem specs are as follows:

MSi kt6 lsr
AMD 2500@3200
512 ram
20 and 80 gig harddrives
liteon 163 reader
liteon SOHW-1633S dvd burner
win xp w/sp2
msi 6600 gt

my question is about the omnipatcher on how to use it and what benefits i will get out of it. if i download the BS0S-stock unscrambeled is that the same as the liteon official release?? or should i use a different one?? once i have the omni patcher up and runnin and i load that firmware into it what do i do??
do i mess with any of the settings or should i just click on “Apply reccommended DVD media tweaks”?? and also what about the general patches part should i check anything in that or leave it?? once i get everything set to what i want i save it and than i just click on the .exe i saved and it flashes the custom firmware?? is it that simple??

i really haven’t noticed a problem with this drive but after reading in this forum it looks as if i can get it to run even better…can somebody reccommend me a firmware from codeguys and good stable settings to use??

thanks in advance


with omnipatcher you can swap write strategies, enable crossflashing and increase the read speed.

if you don’t want to mess around, get this patched firmware and flash it. your drive will then become a liteon 1653s!

if you want to swap write strategies, then you must take the CS0M firmware as omnipatcher doesn’t support stratswaping with CS0P.

but i recommend CS0P, as it has the best write quality.


What is it ? :stuck_out_tongue:

>> update: chok0 u wrote 30s before me :stuck_out_tongue:


that looks easier so what are the benefits with this firmware??


internal 16x is that what you are looking for??


dont understand :S


it turns your drive into a 1653s. dvd-r burning will be upgraded to 12x and dvd+rDL to 4x!
it also contains the newest media codes and has better writing quality on almost all discs.

it’s the best firmware you can flash a 1213/1613/1633/1653s to!


i don’t understand what you want??


thanks man…is it an .exe?? just click on it and it does the rest??


but 1st you have to unpack the .rar file, the .exe is inside it.


to read …

but i think chok0 made it clear to u … if not
download >>
then Right click on file u want to unpack … “extract…”
then left click on unpacked file and the it will run ^


many thanks guys in my devise manager my drive shows up as a SOHW-1653s…man i was nervouse but it worked!!!

besmirch sorry man but i still don’t understand what you mean…lol

thanks again


how about a sohw-1633s??


??? sorry i dont understand ???



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“how about a sohw-1633s??”

i don’t really understand what you mean, but if you mean the differences…

the 1633s BS0S firmware is very good, but also old. it’s best to go with 1653s firmwares.


sorry chok0 but i don’t have the edit option or else i would get rid of the post…do i have the latest firmware for the 1653?? or is there a more recent one?? thanks again

all seems good just backed up a dvd i had laying around with no probs


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CS0P is dated 19.04.2005, it’s the newest firmware available.