Omnipatcher LED patch for Sony DW-Q58A?

I’ve downloaded omnipatcher 2.4.4 and the UYS2 firmware (this is the version I already have installed, I figured I’d just reflash the same thing since all I want to change is the LED).

My LED already does flashing orange when it’s burning, so I figure it’s a tri-color since red + green = orange.

I know COdeking says that the LED patch is “only for DVD-writer firmwares of the 3S-class and Sony DVD-writer firmwares of the 2S-class”. Not really sure if mine falls into this class…?

But I don’t see the LED option on the “General Patches” tab of the program.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Guessing this is one of those that either no one knows or I just didn’t explain at all. Either way, it’s totally cosmetic and not important. There’s people with burners dying all around here. It’s like a warzone.

just wait some time, i think at lease c0deking knows an answer.

no worries. time is what I’ve got. thanks, man. nice pic, by the way. jah rastafari!