Omnipatcher Increase Reading Speed

Hi just wanted to know if this is only for +R media as when scaning -R media it seems to cause a saw effect in the scan with the transfer speed going up and down

(RICOHJPNRO2) Burned at 8X using stock strategy with firmware BS0G

(RITEKG04) Using G05 strategy burned at 8x same firmware

(FUJIFILM03) Burned at 8x stock strategy with BS0G again

All transfer tests where done with the newer BS0H firmware, so i logically thought that the firmware was at fault, but after trying several firmwares (BS01 through BS0H) and the Memorex firmwares which i’ve read some people prefer, after then checking for any driver problems in windows and that dma was enabled i flashed the drive with stock firmware (this time not using omnipatcher) and checked the discs again, and almost died of shock when i got perfect reading curves with my discs which maxed out at 8x speed. Then it hit me that by increasing the reading speed to 12x that was the actual cause of my reading problems.

Is this normal with -R discs for the 1633S or have i a defective drive :confused:

The same thing happens when I try to speed up my 1633S. I also have tons of trouble with write/read quality, though I’m not ready to put the blame solely on the drive. I think someting in Windows XP SP2 is partially at fault too…

no i don’t think it’s a drive problem either, as i thought my RICOHJPNR02 scan was great at 12x, it’s just that now i’ve set it back to default 8x so i don’t get the drive trashing on -R discs which is a pitty because i don’t really want to keep flashing the drive every time i want to scan a +R at 12x to see it’s reading curve. Is there anything that can be done about this or is it a limitation :confused: After all the drive is only supposed to read ± at 8x speed, so are we pushing it to much.