OmniPatcher for LiteOn DVD writers - one stop patching tool

I just posted the article OmniPatcher for LiteOn DVD writers - one stop patching tool.

 Ssseth has emerged from deep within  the forums and used our    news  submit  to tell us "OmniPatcher combines  many other tools into one easy to use application. A great showcase of a lot of...
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Wow, very impressive!

WTF is this s**t? This looks like a gloryfied bug fixer which LiteOn should be releasing firmwares for. Is this even official??? It’s not about using some dodgy software that will screw up my drive. [expletive modified]
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I think it’s pretty handy, makes it easy to create a custom firmware for your drive. YMMV but you could see some speed increases with various media for one thing. :slight_smile:

It’s an unofficial firmware hacking tool. And as the warning says, as with all unofficial firmwares, whether they are ones released by Herrie or ones generated by this tool, the use of an unofficial firmware will technically void your warranty. If you don’t like that (and understandably, there are people who don’t), then don’t use it.

Great job as always codeguys! :B

Hey starghost before you post a response read about the software first. The code guys have done a lot of great things for the lite on user community. So again before you post a bunch of nonsense read about it first.