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OmniPatcher for LiteOn DVD-Writers
The Official Thread

The OmniPatcher, as the name suggests, is an all-in-one firmware patching tool for LiteOn DVD-writers that lets you customize your firmware to your heart’s content and fine-tune your drive’s performance.

Key features
1/ Adjust DVD Writing-Speed Limits (also known as “speedhacking”)… +R9 media codes are supported, and so are the new 3S firmwares!
2/ Change the write strategies of +R and -R media codes.
3/ Increase DVD±R/R9/RW reading speed to 8x
4/ Enable auto-bitsetting
5/ Earlier shift (faster burn) for 8x +R… make your 8x burns a bit faster!
6/ Utilize “force-shifting” for 6x/8x burns… if your drive’s OPC-checking is over-sensitive and is kicking in too much, use this!
7/ Utilize “force-fallback” for 8x +R… if you find that your errors at the end of the burn are too high, you can try this out.
8/ Fix the “dead drive blink” / Enable cross-flashing
9/ FlashFixing executables (done automatically)

More information
Please read the documentation enclosed in the package for more details!


<HR>Latest version is 1.3.8 (26 July 2004)
More Info: Change Log | Documentation | Unpacking RAR Files<HR>Unscrambled Flashers: dhc014’s Firmware Page | Our Firmware Page<HR>Latest “Recommended Tweaks” File: Revision 2-06<HR>

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Magnificent, brilliant, excellent, marvelous, impressive, outstanding, splendid, sublime & superb!!!


Two words…YOU ROCK!!
code65536…I just wish to express my thanks for making our lives a least a little easier… :bow: :bow:

LiteOn really should put you on the payroll :stuck_out_tongue:

Your tools must be selling drives by the bucketload!

Thank you :bow: :bow: :bow: code65536 for all the great tools you been making and of the new OmniPatcher , it’s great to have you and code King in the LiteOn camp .

Don’t forget C0deKing! :wink: :bow:

Thanks code65536 and C0deKing for all your work on this and your other projects too!

@ codeguys

I just noticed when I opened 832S.VS03.stock.exe (from your website) in the omni patcher the “Increase DVD±R/RW/DL reading speed to 8x” option was not greyed out, whereas when I open US0N.BIN (SOHW-812S) it is. does this mean the 832 doesn’t automatically read DVDRs at max speed?

:edit: also “Utilize “shift-fixing” for 6x/8x burns” doesn’t seem to be available on any sony firmwares (U18A or 700A)

The 832S officially supports the reading of burned DL media (812S doesn’t, at least, not yet). Checking the box in the 832S will bump burned DL speeds from 6x to 8x. This box isn’t available for the 812S because the 812S doesn’t have a speed setting for burned DL discs.

*Edit: utilization of shift-fixing is available only on the newer firmwares where LiteOn added an over-sensitive OPC. Some firmwares, like GS0F, UYS1, etc., don’t have an over-sensitive OPC, so the patch doesn’t apply to them.

I should have known you knew exactly what you were doing :smiley:

Thanks for clearing that up

What more can be said here!!! This is just an Awesome tool and keeps me happy that I buy Lite ON drives!!!

:bow: :bow: :bow:

Thanks codeguys!

Beautiful work there guys! :slight_smile:

So did I read this right, the shift-fixing now supports _11s user too? So i can apply the patch to HS0Q and it will decrease burn time, correct?

Yep. And you all have pinto2 to thank for being our tester for that. :slight_smile:

Great, I’m loading the fw now, thanks!

Nice work again.

thanks a lot guys for all these great programs. i really appreciate all your hardwork.

good job thanx alot champ :smiley:

Well I hope it works better for others, because sadly on mine, I had higher error rates at the end, PI in the 140 rand PO in 80 range and burn time was about the same, guess I’ll be going back to just the bitset patched version of HS0Q.