OmniPatcher for LiteOn DVD-Writers (old thread)

If it’s not giving you the 8x speed option, then something went wrong. With the current implementation of strat swapping, if you have to speedhack something that was swapped in order to change your speed, then something’s not right. Did you load the right firmwrae? Could you have accidentally flashed the wrong patched firmware? If this problem persists, dump the firmware from your drive after flashing and send it to us.

I can’t reproduce this problem that you speak of.

What’s the diffence between 1.3.8 “force fallback” & 1.3.7 “force recalibration”??

According to my scans, “force recalibration” seems to work better with my drive 451s!!? After all, i don’t mind about the speed. I just want good quality. Please give me some advice.

  • MCC003 seems to burn better at 8x than at 4x!!
  • @832s(VS08) seems too powerfull even burning ricohjpn01 at 4x!! (darker burn mark near the center).

For those darker burn marks/circles, do u think it’s the firmware or the media or both!?

Well, first, FRC and FFB should only be used on discs that give a climbing error problem at the end of the burn. If you don’t have this problem, then you shouldn’t be using either, and shouldn’t be comparing one with the other.

In the context of fixing the problems that they were designed to fix, it seems like FFB does a much better job than FRC.

And what do you mean about the marks? Do you mean the concentric burn regions? Those are normal to all ZCLV burning…


I do have high PI & PO errors at the end of the disk burned ay 8x. That’s why I enable FRC / FFB.

Those darker marks/circles are definitely not concentric burn regions!? Cause I don’t have them all the times, like different fw, different burn speed and different media. They seems to happen at the shifting point.

Attached are MMC00C burned at 8x (@VS08 patched by patcher v1.3.8, earlier-shit, force shifting, FFB enabled)

I only scaned 10.5% of the disc, because there’s a hugh spike already. I think it’s the exact position of where the dark marker(broken circle) is. There’s also a dark broken circle at the end of the disc.

The A120% Performance Graph shows the burn speed!

Same data but burned with MMC003 at 4x (VS0A patched by 1.3.8, earlier-shit, force shifting, FFB enabled)

This one has dark broken-circle only near the start, around 250MB’s area.

Again, same data (4.23GB) but burned with MMC003 at 8x (GSC2 patched by 1.3.8, earlier-shit, force shifting, FFB enabled)

this one is crazy, really dark burn “region” from the start to 500MB!?

only scaned 58.7% of the disc, no reason to scan further…

Different Data - full DVD at 8x (VS0A patched by 1.3.7, earlier-shit, force shifting, ***FRC enabled) which is much “better” at the end…

7/ Utilize “force-fallback” for 8x +R… if you find that your errors at the end of the burn are too high, you can try this out.

Is this going to work for 411s@811s drives?



so, after all those scans on VS08/A patched by 1.3.8, and the last one with VS0A patched by 1.3.7. Do u think FRC works better than FFB for my drive??

and what are their differences anyway??


FRC is just a variation of FFB. FFB pretty much tells the drive to “shift down to either 4x or 6x at the 3.85 GB point”… every time the drive does a speed shift, it performs a power calibration. FRC tells the drive to “shift down to 8x”… so the drive tries to shift (which causes it to recalibrate), but since it’s being told to shift from 8x to 8x, it doesn’t actually drop the speed after the brief calibration pause.

So when the rising errors were fixed by FFB, we weren’t sure if it was because of the recalibration associated with the shift or if it’s because of the lower speed of the shift instead. So we tried to see if FRC would work: have the recalibration but not the speed drop. And it seems that it didn’t work too well. But as you can see from the nature of this (FRC being a special variation of FFB), it’s a one-or-the-other, and you can’t have both. Since FFB works better than FRC, it seems, we decided to revert back to the FFB option for .8


do u think u can add back the FRC in the patcher for the next version. I totally understand it FRC xOR FFB. But for all the MCC003s (at least 8 dics) i’ve burnt, I think FRC does a much better job than FFB. Cause all disc that burnt with fw patched by 1.3.8 has huge problems at the shifting point and the end of the disc!!!

Well, this is only for my drive and my MMC003… but the truth is i guess i would have less headaches last weekend if i didn’t know the existence of patcher 1.3.8

thx for the explanation and the FRC :slight_smile:

Oh, one more thing. Can u tell me why the crazy scan i posted on 26th post (1st post in this page)?? Why such a big effect on GSC2 patched with patched 1.3.8??? :a

Which write strategy works well for burning the YUDEN T01 discs at 8x? I have a 832S drive. I get great burns at 4x, and terrible burns at 8x.

T01/00 or T01/01? T01/00 @ T01/01 @ 8x gave me perfect burns

T01/00, according to my tests. When I clicked the 8x box and used the recommended replacement strategy, the second half of the disc had many, many errors. Fine burn at 4x. Which settings do you use in Omnipatcher?


I tried your 1.3.8 with forced fallback checked as I had hill on right side it seems to have helped.

speed3 create data disk

media optodisc OR8 8x at 8x

liteon sohw-812@832 VS0A fw

omipatcher 1.3.8 no speed hacks , auto bittsetting, read 8x, force fallback

Quick question on FFB in 1.3.8 does it fallback to 4x all the time or does it decide on the fly to go 6x or 4x?

Enabling FFB causes a fallback to 6x. The shift OPC routine then decides if it needs to fallback to 4x to ensure a good burn.

Bought a Verbatim DVD+R 4X yesterday and burned it @ 8X with my Liteon 851S@832S with VS0A patched firmware, 8:03 minutes total time! The code I could read from the DVD looks like this:


I’ll post a reading result tomorrow (haven’t had the time to do it yesterday evening).

Bonjour Codeking(s),

When I bought my two 411(@811)'s I visited for a long time every day this forum. But since HSOK I do this just once in a month. I burn many DVD’s and am quite happy with the results.

This month I bought 500 RICOHJPNR01’s. The results burned @ 8x are ok. But sometimes (I think 2 out of 25) the DVD starts skipping frames at the end of the movie.

As I said I am still using HSOK. I patched this firmware with your read speed patch in the days it wasn’t integrated in Omnipatcher.

And here comes my question. Since I have many RICOHJPNR01’s is there something you can advise me? Could you advise me to use your omnipatcher with my two 411@811 running with HSOK? And what settings should I use? I believe some aren’t for my 411@811’s?

Thanks for your time. I tried to find my answer in the threads, but couldn’t find it. Maybe this was because I didn’t read every post. :wink:

By the way; I come here for quite a long time, and I wish to thank you for the work you do for our community! I always have a good time being here!