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OmniPatcher for LiteOn DVD-Writers
The Official Thread

The OmniPatcher, as the name suggests, is an all-in-one firmware patching tool for LiteOn DVD-writers that lets you customize your firmware to your heart’s content and fine-tune your drive’s performance.

Key features
1/ Adjust DVD Writing-Speed Limits (also known as “speedhacking”)… +R9 media codes are supported, and so are the new 3S firmwares!
2/ Change the write strategies of +R and -R media codes.
3/ Increase DVD±R/R9/RW reading speed
4/ Enable auto-bitsetting
5/ Earlier shift (faster burn) for 8x +R… make your 8x burns a bit faster!
6/ Utilize “force-shifting” for 6x/8x burns… if your drive’s OPC-checking is over-sensitive and is kicking in too much, use this!
7/ Utilize “force-fallback” for 8x +R… if you find that your errors at the end of the burn are too high, you can try this out.
8/ Fix the “dead drive blink” / Enable cross-flashing
9/ FlashFixing executables (done automatically)

More information
Please read the documentation enclosed in the package for more details!


<HR>Latest version is 1.3.14d (1 November 2004)
More Info: Change Log | Documentation | Unpacking RAR Files<HR>Unscrambled Flashers: dhc014’s Firmware Page | Our Firmware Page<HR>Latest “Recommended Tweaks” File: Revision 2-11<HR>

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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OP 1.3.8, all options w/ latest rec. tweaks

ritekg04 4x dvd-r burnt @ 4x data from shop4tech (PI errors have been cut into half from before, ie. VS08)

woah, that’s a nice -R burn :slight_smile:

What media-codes are included in the tweak file??

Is MCC003 included??

thx & Great work on anything :bow:

ridata 4x dvd+r burnt @ 8x video from NE (red wrapper of 50)

What settings on Omnipatcher do I need to burn RICOHJPNR02 disks successfully?

I have just managed to get a spindle of these.

@Bob H: Nothing?! Mine work just fine without any modifications.

So does that mean not use:
.earlier shift
.force shifting
.force fallback

I have an 812@832 with VS0A and all those ticked at present.

You can see for yourself in the “rec_tweak.conf” file. :wink:

No, MCC003 is not changed in any way.

Turn off force shifting and leave the other two enabled. :iagree:

To CodeKing, 812@832 with VS0A, what’s your recommended options to be enable using OmniPatcher ??

I’d use increase reading speed, earlier shift and force shift. Also enable auto bitsetting if you do movie backups, with +R.

Here is Ritek G04 at 4x 411S@811S HSOQ with all tweaks. C0deKing :bow: is there anyway the force-fallback tweak can be applied to -R media (specifically the RitekG04 media) such as in the tweak available for the +R media ?- at present this seems to be my only hassle with this drive. Note burn is good until the spikes at end.

Or is there a recommended write strategy that you could suggest that I swap the Ritek G04 with that might help with this problem.

Force-fallback is intended only for writing faster than 4x. Therefore, for 4x writing it’s simply not needed and your problems lays elsewhere.

This looks pretty disastrous:
Ritek G04 at 4x 812S@832S set as Secondary Master
Same file as previously used - write completed with Nero (both discs).


Spiking like that in the past has been attributed to IDE problems. I am personally not familiar with the problem, but the search button could help you here. :wink:

Thanks - I’ll go a-hunting!!!


Here is my other drive results - used Nero Multimount to burn both drives at the same time. Used write strategy of MXL-RG02 which a few posters had success with for the 411s@811s and Ritek-G06 for the 812s@832s


Hey CodeGuys, I have a quick question, I have an 851s patched to 832s VS0A, I used OP 1.3.8 to apply all recommended write strategy replacements, but when I use my media (YUDEN000/T01/00 & PRODISC/R02/00), I still only have the option to burn @ 4x or 2x, even though their strats have been replaced with the T01/01 and R03/00 strategies.

Now this is a simple fix, I just go in and speedhack the original write strategies to 8x, but what’s worrying me is, if it’s only giving me the option to write @ 4x, is there a possibility that the write strategies actually HAVEN’T been replaced??? And if so, any idea why that’s happening?

Oh and btw, just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts and continuing to make such awesome tools! :smiley: