OmniPatcher/DVD media


I can’t figure out how to see if a DVD media is supported or not. Where do OmniPatcher get all those DVD media names from? e.g. TDKG02000000, ProdiscS03, MXL RG01 …

I have as example Maxell DVD-R 1-8x 4.7GB - works great,
Pro DVD (licenced by Philips) DVD-R 1-8x 4.7GB - not at all
eProFormance DVD-R 8x 4.7GB - not sure yet (screen freezes somewhere in the middle and can’t read beyond that, may be my old player that’s the problem)

(btw, I’m talking about burning DVD-video and I base the quality readability on my old DVD-player in my living room)

Thanks in advance,


Thanks, it’s so much easier now :wink:

Now I’m on my way to buy a new stationary DVD (Philips DVP-5100) to replace my old Kiss DVD lol, I hope the DVD-video will work better in the new player.