Omnipatcher bitsetting

I hear some talking about the auto bitsetting in Omnipatcher, but in v2.4.0 I don’t see that option.

Can anyone please enlighten me on this?

auto-bittsetting is only available for firmwares older than CS0K(<-1653s).
newer firmwares store the booktype in the eeprom. you can set the booktype with the official liteon booktype utility:

On my 1633 I used the Lite-On v1.35 utility to set the booktype on codeguys BSOR riplock free. The utility worked fine and appeared to save the changes for that firmware.

Now I’ve used codeguys BS41 increased the read speeds in Omnipatcher and the Lite-On utility no longer seems to work, nor does Nero CD-DVD Speed or DVDInfo Pro. They all report the current booktype as DVD+R.
I even tried stock Lite-On BSOR and the 1.35 utility but all software reports the current booktype as DVD+R no matter how many times I change it. The “save” option on the 1.35 utility stays grayed out and cannot be checked.

However the discs burned are identified as DVD-ROM.

I’m completely confused.

Where is the auto bitsetting option in Omnipatcher anyway?