Omnipatcher and VS0A

My Omnipatcher won’t open the VS0A executable from the liteon site? How can I get it to work?

You better take your time and; “Please read the documentation enclosed in the package for more details!”

Hmm, here you say you already upgraded to -0A…?

BTW, you will find “more” FW´s HERE . :wink:

I guess you are trying the executable!
What you need is the file that´s in the executable. Probably a bin file, i don´t know since i didn´t try Omnipatcher, neither i intend to do so!
I read that somewhere. Maybe on Omipatcher´s documentation. I would suggest you read it too!

I got it. Sorry for not reading the readme, I just got a replacement drive and am still having major trouble at 8x.