Omnipatcher and csok,cstj

i was wondering if there was any progress on getting
omnipatcher to work right with these firmwares.
i have tried both of these straight…no swaps :sad:
my 1633-1653 does not like these in native form :frowning:
really poor burns on both even after reset learnt media
and reset eeprom.
i have tried media speed but i can’t get the hang of it :confused:
right now i’m using cs09 simply because omnipatcher sees it fine
and i can swap what i need to swap to burn my media.
for some reason with yudens i get crap at 8x no matter what i use :a
my cmc at prodisk r03 burn much better at 8x.
yudens are great at 4x.i would like to use newer firmware for
my burner…
sorry for long post just wanted to bring this to someones att.

How about my att. :slight_smile:

I’m taking a crash course on Perl at the moment, puff puff…I’ve got a new version to release but don’t get too excited, it doesn’t fix the table problem yet. Hopefully in the near future…

With MCSE just rename the existing media code of the media you have and then rename the strategy you want to switch to the name of you media.



thanks i will try this some time this week.
any ideas why yudens burn so poorly over 4x??
these are real ones they came from best buy(U.S.A)??
let me just say that if not for the efforts of you and
others like you i would not have my liteon as long as
i have.many thanks

hey code, i know a guy that has been using perl for forever. if you need any help send me a notice. Ill see what i can do. :wink:

TY02 +R media burns better from 6x upwards. It’s something to do with the plastic or the dye. It must bleed at lower speeds when more energy is put into the one spot. It really should be branded 6x-16x media but I guess, even with the poorer result at 4x, it’s still well within spec. :wink:

Thanks for your kind works :).

Thanks. That’s very kind of you. :slight_smile:

i have trouble with 8x burns
4x gave me good results. why is this??
here are two scans on reset eeprom cs09 firmware the first is yuden
at4x stock strat.the second is a cmc e01 at 8x with prodisc r03 strat.

the scans look very good. make a nero cd-dvd speed transfer test and post the results, it must be good, too.

yes, with cmc e01 using the prodisc r03 strat will give u the best results :slight_smile:

i would be using that strat but i am using csok, so i burn them at 4x to get good results

i have never used the nero speed test app.
i have to go to work i will try later this week and post results
that is if i can remember which disk that scan was from .

even with cs0k the prodisc speed is limited to 6x :frowning:
the last firm that supports 8x is CS09 :a i geuss that liteon took the
lazy way out and just lowered the burn speed instead of fixing the strat.
if cs0k or cstj could ever be fixed to work in omnipatcher i would use
them for burning but until then maybe there could be a cs09 that was led fixed done :slight_smile: the red lite is very cool :iagree:
what good is it to have a 16x burner that can’t even burn most 8x media
at 8x :confused: i can live with 8x but i want to trust that my burns are good
i get tired of scanning disks all the time…

I burn crap Datawrite prodisc r03 @ 8x without problem .Good scan.
Just upgrade speed with speededit .

with cstj and csok i get decent 16 an 12x burns along with 8x burns on good media now, so i am happy