Omnipatcher 2.4.4

The Stock firmwares for SMH165P6S listed on the Code Guys site comeup as scrambled and cannot be patched with the omnipatcher ? is this because of a new firmware setup :frowning:

omnipatcher doesn’t support any 5s and 6s firmwares and it may never support them.

does that mean there’s a new proggy that owns omnipatcher in development?

This just means that the new added functions (OS/HT and OHT) are making it “unnecessary” for 5S and 6S drives :wink:


you can use the latest testfirmware (MV96; Testfirmware Announcements Thread) and the latest SmartBurn (3.1.16t) to improve the performance of your drive.

Also, check out the following thread for more information about the performance of the drive/firmware combination.

well the increased read speeds are one such that would be nice