OmniPatcher, 1653S and Verbatim 8x DVD+R Media

Hey guys. Two questions. One: How is the new OP Coming for the 1653 and 1673s Drives? Also, I am looking at a 50 pack of verbatim DVD+R Media. Verbatim @ Best BUy Have you guys had good luck with this media? I am using memorex, and the PI/PIF are really high. Thanks.

verbatim media are one of the best you can get for a lite-on.

the new omnipatcher will be released when code65536 has more time. C0deKing is working on a new omnipatcher version, but as he hasn’t written it, it will take some time…

Alright, thanks for the advice, chok0.

One more quick question…does it matter if I purchase DVD+R or DVD-R? I’ve heard that Lite-ON drives tend to like DVD+R media better. True?

yes, lite-on drives work best with +r media. verbatim +Rs are very good. you can also enable bitsetting for higher compatibility to older standalones.

You guys rule. Without you, Id be lost with my burner. THanks again.