Omnipatch help


ive downloaded omnipatch, lastest version, and downloaded the lastest version of the firmware which is JS07 for my liteon 1673S SOHW writer. I still cannot burn onto the ritek fullsurface inkject printable -r 8x dvd’s. im using dvdshrink and have burnt dvds before on another media fine. i was told to upgrade the firmware, which i have done. and ive also downloaded omnipatch, which mentions the dvd meida for ritek go4, go5 and go7. i think the media i have is go4, and its only ticked on 4x, my dvds are 8x, therefore, do i tick the 8x and save the file, then use the following exe file 1673S.JS07.stock.exe which i downloaded from to flash my dvd writer?

Simply clicking additional speeds does not work on 1xx3 firmwares. You have to select a different write strategy, e.g. RITEK G05, by double clicking the media name.