OMNI CD-R help please



i brought these disks off ebay and they wont play in any of my cd players they play on my comp so it definatly had data on them but they wont play anywhere else? any ideas?


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What is actually on these discs?

Presumably we’re talking about music here but what is the format of them? Is it MP3 or an ordinary Audio CD as you’d buy in the stores?

If these are not originals meaning that someone has copied them then it’s possible that your CD players may not be able to play them.


ok ill explain a bit better. here is an egsample of exactly what i done.
i burnt a song in nero (many man by 50 cent) to the omni disk then i burnt again but to LASER cd-rs. the omni disk didnt play but the laser one did.
now any idea why it may not be working? it is mp3 format but the nero makes it to normal format like you would buy from shop. hope thats better cheers


That’s clear.

CD players can be a bit picky about CD-R & to get more success with this burning it’s important to use quality CD-R media and burn at a sensible speed.

Quality media is Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden. Sensible speed is 16x for Audio CDs. This slower burn rate reduces the chances of jitter which some CD players just don’t like.

It’s most likely that you’ll have no success with these Omni discs as they are probably of a very poor quality.

These days with quality media being only slightly more expensive than the cheap c**p there’s nothing to be gained by buying cheap.

You may just have to bit the bullet here & dump the Omni disks.

BTW Nero isn’t the greatest app for burning Audio CDs. I’d recommend the free Burrrn ( as a better option.


If it works with your “Laser” branded CDRs but not with the “Omni” branded CDRs, either these discs are crap (most probably) or your burner can’t burn these discs correctly. Please mention burner and burning speed. :slight_smile:

Considering that these brands sound like el-cheapo brands to me (simply because I never heard of them, I confess :bigsmile: ), I’m tempted to say that you should simply start using reputable media and you problems will go away.


pioneer dvd-rw dvr-110D is burner and i burnt them at 4x just to be sux but they still not work :frowning: only the laser one works:(


Try at a higher speed like 12X, it’s actually [I]more[/I] sure. If this fails, trash the discs, they’re useless. Even if it succeeds, you’ll probably have further issues with them (unreadable after some time) so if I were you I’d trash them rightaway and buy good discs, but I’m not you so have it your way. :slight_smile:


lol yeah it pisses me off i brought 150 ofem haha

also i just installed that burrrn program and it wont detect my cd burner. i go to setting it aint on the list wtf?


You might want to check what firmware you have installed as updates whilst primarily directed at DVD burning do often improve CD handling as well.

If you haven’t already got version 1.41 installed I’d suggest you get DVR110_FW141EU.exe from the Pioneer site here

Edit: I’m surprised about Burrrn not seeing the burnier, is it an external on USB?


nah its internal and nero picks it up well ill downlaod what u just said and c how i go cheers


We all make that kind of mistakes from time to time… sorry for you! :frowning:


only cost me 25 dollars though lol so i should have realised something was going on


dam just installed the update and restarted it still wont reconise it… grrr any other ideas?