OMG! unlimited rentals for 9.99/month?

a move to the us… well… ok… but for now i need online uk dvd rental :wink:

ben :slight_smile:

ps. maybe i will move when i am older, dont know if i could hack the death penulty though

Um, we haven’t quite gotten to death sentances yet for copying DVD’s, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. :iagree:

lol, nah, it just death penulty for anything, here i can relax and know all the really scum criminals are in prison thinking about what they did.

ben :slight_smile:

and waiting to get out because no matter what they did if they wait long enough the will get out.

rest assurred that the death penalty is popularity based. if you are unpopular or belong to a group that is unpopular you would have something to worry about. of course if you get a good lawyer or lawyers you will skate no matter what. OJ could have been found rolling about in his x-wifes blood and he would still have been walked with those lawyers and that jury so never fear… with all the money you save on dvd rentals you can save up for a really good lawyer.

Just visited the Netflix site to check them out.
They show a 3 DVD plan for 17.99 a month and they say you can rent up to 10 DVD’s per month. 3 does not go into 10, either 9 or 12. If it’s 9 that’s no bargain at all, neither is 12 for that matter.

I must say the selection is outstanding, saw some stuff there that I could never get at Blockbuster.
Can somebody give a little more detail about this 3 at a time and only 10 per month.

This limitation of 10 per month is new, before there was no limitation. However, it’s generally unlikely to get more than one turn-around per week, so previously you could get 12 per month on average. Sometimes you could get a few more if you got lucky with the postal service. And there are times when Netflix will deliberately delay your shipping dates to limit your turn-around time to a week.

It’s a real limitation in any case, and not to be ignored. WalMart turn around is slower, as they have fewer distribution centers. Blockbuster turn around is comparable to Netflix if you live in the middle of the country. Blockbuster has no limitations, but less selection. My approach is to switch back and forth. :iagree:

3 DVD plan up to 10 DVDs per month? maybe that’s for new customer, I don’t have that plan. My current plan is : 3-at-a-time for $21.99 - Unlimited rentals - up to 3 movies out at a time for a flat monthly fee of $21.99.

Btw, when I signed up for the trial, I CANCELED it at the end of the trial period and they will scream with a screen something like: “aahhh, I don’t want to lose a customer, how about if I give you a $5 discount for the next 6 months”. At that time (1.5 years ago) the regular rate was $19.99 per month (3 out) so I got $14.99 for 6 months. I don’t know if they still have that kind of offer. :wink:

Oh, they ship from a warehouse 2 hours from my home so I can get 3x3 DVDs per week. Monday: netflix send, Tuesday: I received 3 DVDs, sent back, Wed: netflix recieved, sent 3 more, Thurs: I received, sent back, Friday: netflix get them, sent 3 more, Sat: I get them, sent back. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:. I watch them probably a few weeks later :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:, except my favorite titles.

Every monday they will send the new releases (so put the new released on your top list on Saturdays), I will get them on Tuesday just like if you go to hollywood stores.

Wow, I was wondering about these online rental plans, and I’ve learned a lot just from reading this thread :bigsmile:.

So if I were to signup for one of the services right now, would you all recommend NetFlix?

If the unlimited plan is no longer available I wouldn’t even consider renting 9 a month for 18.00. I average about 48 a month at blockbuster for 30.00, much better deal but I am running out of material. Van Helsing out tomorrow, I’ll snag that one in the AM.

Yes, personally I recommend netflix. I will also receive van helsing tomorrow in the mail :D.

I was with Netflix for 3 months, paying $23.62 ($21.99 + tax) and was very happy with their service. I used a PO Box for the mailing and it took 3-4 days wait between movies. 3 at a time, no monthly restricitons. I viewed them quickly -no point in keeping them long.

I didn’t see any 17.99 deal…

this is from my acc. at netflix

Membership: 3-at-a-time Program

It is 21.99 plus tax,the 10 limit plan must be a"cost to compet plan?)and i get a trunaround of 3 a week,i live in the center of Maine and they ship from Boston so it is overnight or two days at the most hear to there also on some mts. i ger 15 as i will get 5 shipings,thro netflix does appear to be geting slower and slower.

Well guys, I think I am losing my mind. I just went back to amd what they now show is 17.99 a month for unlimited rentals using 3 at a time.
Don’t understand it, I’d bet my mother in-laws life on it that I saw the 10 per month restriction limit. For sure that’s what they had advertised the other day.

I said to myself, self, perhaps the restiction was for the trial offer, but visiting the site again today, the 2 week free trial had no limit restrictions on it either. Maybe they realized they wouldn’t draw any new customers with that offer so they withdrew that plan.

Still have some I’d like to view from Blockbuster, after that I may give it a try.

Netflix says 21.99 here right now. The price change is not until Nov 1, I suspect the terms will change then too. They just got ahead of themselves on the web site because of the 2 week free trial. I emailed customer service, and they said the plan changes on Nov 1 for everybody.

There’s something not Kosher here, these guys change pricing like I change my underwear. One hour ago it had 17.99, after reading rdgrimes post I go back and it’s now 21.99. Now I know for sure I saw that 10 per month limit.

I saw nothing posted about new pricing on November 1st.
Am I correct in assuming from their email reply to you that on November 1st the price will be 17.99 for everyone but the unlimited terms may now have restrictions?

I believe the price will change on 11/1, not sure about the terms, but I saw the 10/month limit too. Maybe they are still making up their minds?

Where does it says the 10/month limit?

In here (you may need to click How many DVDs can I rent during my Free Trial? on the right menu) it says:

How many DVDs can I rent during my Free Trial?
When your trial begins, we immediately send you three movies of your choice. You can exchange DVDs for new DVDs as often as you like. The number of DVDs you rent depends on how quickly you watch and return each of your DVDs.
It means unlimited during trial right?

and below that:

Our 3-at-a-time program is $21.99 plus any applicable tax per month. This flat monthly fee allows you to watch as many movies as you want. There are no additional charges. There are no late fees or due dates — even shipping is free both ways!

Thank you for restoring my sanity. I thought perhaps that Viagra had killed some of my brain cells.

We’ll just have to wait until November 1st to see what the offer is then.
If they do decide to impose a 10 limit rental, they won’t be seeing any of my hard earned money.

LOL, today it’s back to $17.99 with no restrictions. :confused:

I am in the UK and use Blockbusters Unlimited 3 DVDs at a time deal for £13.99.