OMG! unlimited rentals for 9.99/month?

a friend told me about this deal that HOLLYWOOD VIDEO is running to compete with netfliks and walmart.com9.99 a month for the first 3 months after that 14.99. the only limit is 3 movies at a time. i have been back to HV 4 times so far and hopefully if i am done :bigsmile: watching :bigsmile: these three in the next few minutes i will be back again for the fifth set of 3… no per day/week or month limit… i might get 150-200 movies :wink: watched :wink: this month…

now to find a larger HD and a second nec 2500… to watch them all with of course :iagree:

I have a similar thing going on at blockbuster, but I have the moviepass (2 out at a time) and the gamepass (1 out a time). It works out great, epsecially since the monthly charge isn’t even on my credit card! :eek:

Oh by the way, what does this have to do with nec? :stuck_out_tongue:

Only problem is that you will have “seen” all the HV movies worth watching in a couple weeks. Nobody else even comes close to the selection at Netflix.

But doesn’t netflix have a weird policy when it comes to new releases? Don’t they give priority to the newest customers so the long term customers have to wait a while? Correct me if I am wrong.

Secondly, since I have had the movie pass at blockbuster (over 3 months now) I have yet to run out of movies to watch.

Netflix has some weird algorhythm to determine if a new release is available to you or not. If you stick with the basic plan it’s usually not a bother. If you go to a higher use plan, it seems to be more of an issue. Cancelling your account and re-starting it usually fixes any availability problems. :confused: The algorhythm is based on the number of DVD’s you rent per month.

I can’t find more than a few movies to rent at Blockbuster, haven’t tried their online rentals yet.

This doesn’t sound to great to me. When I rent a movie from HV it’s usually a new release, I check online every Tues to see what’s come out. But according to the clerk at the store and this statement from the website, it’s not worth it…

How long will I have to wait for a New Release to become eligible for the Movie Value Pass program?
“Because New Releases are so popular, they become eligible for the program a little later – usually within four to six weeks of their release dates. Some titles may be eligible sooner and other titles may take longer, so keep checking back for your favorites!”

At blockbust with the moviepass you can rent any movie at any time.

33 movies “watched” in 3 days… man are my eyes getting tired.

At my local hollywood video they told me six weeks on everything (or maybe it was 4 weeks but they said it was a fixed time for everything). They probably leave it open like that on their web site to allow for policy changes (since this is a new program for them). It’s half the price of blockbuster. I guess that you would have to be behind everyone a little on the new releases but thats pretty cheap! Unfortunatly I owe 50$ in late charges from a couple of years ago (they are still on my account) so my first month would be 60$. I think that I’ll hae to stick with blockbuster. They are only 20$ for the first month but if you change locations (or end your pass and get a new one the next day I would guess) it stays 20$. Diffrent locations have diffrent selections so I change stores occationally anyway.

thanks guys reading this has help me alots when it comes to renting movies-

I prefer the Blockbuster pass, I have the 3 DVD movie pass at 30.00 a month.
As for new releases, they are available to me the moment they hit the store, best part is I can return them 2 weeks later and no penalty, keep em as long as you want, just return the 3 and take 3 more with no time limits. In reality you can rent 3 one day, bring em back, and take 3 out the next day (21 per week). No time or quantity limit per month. One restriction is you can’t drop them in the slot, must be physically retirned inside the store.

I have no desire to rent through the mails, I’m afraid some will get lost and I’d be responsible. Besides I’d have to wait several days to return mine and get my new selection, with Blockbustes Movie Pass I get them in minutes. I believe Blockbuster also has an online service for 19.95 a month for 3 movies, but again, I want no part of the mailing method.

At my blockbuster I can change them out as many times a day as I like.

We average 6 - 8 movies a week on the BlockBuster Movie Pass.
Works out to about $0.89 a pop. Keep as long as you want no penalty.
I have seen a lot of movies that I wanted to see and have forgotten about. :slight_smile:

i have no fear of the mail… i have done both netflix and walmart. one movie did get broken on the way back but they just wrote it off… i didn’t even realize it until i was looking at the account as it was one of the first movies returned.

as far as selection so far i am doing ok but today i had to work and girlfriend is staying over so i only got three :wink: watched :wink: tonite. tomorrow should still be able to get 6 and maybe nine the next 2 days for a total of 60 for one week. if i can get 240 a month that would lower the cost to 4cents per/ right now i am at less than 30cents per so not too bad. keeping them for a long time would defeat my purposes so that is really not much of a concern to me.

i use netflix and get about three (trun around time ) per week,I use it to mostly get old marx brothers and wc fields etc. i am very happy with the service,as for loising them in the mail they just send you an other one.

Netflix has about 3x as many titles available as Blockbuster online, and even more compared to Walmart. I’ve tried all 3 of them. You guys must have way better Blockbuster stores than I do, cause the DVD selection is pathetic here, and virtually identical at all stores. Guess I must be too picky about what I watch. I also get 3 discs per week using Netflix, they also have a way faster distribution system than the others.

i go down to my local newsagents, its a rip off. keep it for 1 day for £2.50, and pay £5 late fee, and by late, 2 mins over and its bam! £5 gone. it sux, and they dont get anything resent in, and they have a pricing system. £2 for normal dvds £2.50 for “blockbuster” or “chart” dvds, problem is that anything newer than 3 years old is still charged as “chart”… ohh… pirates of the carabian - 2003, castaway - 2001, shrek 1 - 2001, finding nemo - 2003, 8 mile - 2002 ok so they are fairly new, but no way still no way “chart” or “blockbuster”.
can somebody recomend me a uk online dvd rental service?


ben :slight_smile:

you need to consider a move to the US

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possible downsides would be morons who think you are aussie and ask you to put a shrimp on the barbie but if you are packing heat out in the open they will most likely leave you alone

think it over… especially the chicks part. i know a chick who married a guy from england that she met over the internet. that dude has chicks chasing him down all the time. i like to hang out with him in bars 'cause there are always a few strays to mooch on. :wink:

Uh yeah, that was quite helpful. Anyways, I have to agree about the netflix selection. Blockbuster and Hollywood Video both suck arse for selection. As was mentioned above, it isn’t hard to have picked through their rental selections and they seem more concerned with videotapes since they are trying to be “family” stores than trying to get a decent sized collection of DVDs. There are WAY too many titles available at netflix that I couldn’t find in a 100 mile radius even if I tried. With that said, Blockbuster’s online rental service seems okay. However, when it comes to TV series they suck. Like the video stores they never seem to have the complete season. I found several shows where they have 3-4 discs for a particular season and when I compare the same show/season on netflix they have 6-7 discs (the complete season).

I “specialize” in concert/performance videos, and have a substantial collection. Netflix has an astonishing collection of concert videos, while the others have almost none. So for that purpose at least, there is no other choice but Netflix.