OMG! This must be the worst scan you've seen

I’m gonna cry…
I just got a NEC ND-3550A & PL-3507 enclosure. Flashed both firmware (Dee’s ND3550 1.Y5 Firmware - RPC1 and newest firmware from Prolific official website), very straight forward, no problem at all.
But my first disc is like this. PI-error in most pics here is less than 20.
PS: However, the disc seems readable~

Is there anything wrong with this burner? Any comments would be appreciated :bow:

Probably nothing wrong at all with your burner, you’re just using -RW media that isn’t very good (Optodisc). Keep in mind, also, that +/-RW media will have higher error levels vs. -/+R write once media. I wouldn’t trust +/-RW Optodisc media for any burns of importance, for important data use better RW media, and for any long term storage use +/-R media.

Oh, really? That’s a good news. Thanks!
I don’t know that difference between R & RW. I will try get some good media for sure T_T
Thank you for your advice again!

-/+R (write once) media is more stable over time, of course you can only write to it once. -/+RW (rewriteable) media is good for relatively short term storage (up to maybe a year with good media, beyond that and you’ll risk losing data with even good discs, even though they MAY last much longer if stored properly). RW media also ‘wears out’ after a number of burns, it will vary depending on the media, disc condition, etc.

Long story short, for burns such as movies and data that you plan on keeping long-term, use +R / -R media. +/-RW media is good for short term data backups, data transfers, etc. Without getting into a deep discussion into what’s ‘good’ and what’s ‘bad’ media, Verbatim is one of the safest bets in media if you are looking to buy locally, it’s generally very good media and is often for sale at great prices. There’s plenty of other options as well, but you would be best doing your own research in the media forums and bargain basement forums here.

Also first burn with a DVDRW is always much less good. Some “running-in” is necessary. Perform a full (not “quick”) erase and try again, things will probably look better :wink:

I just tried a full erase with nero and another +RW media, not much difference actually. I guess these RW disc are really not good.

Isn’t the 3550 pie reporting considered to be…out of whack?

Certainly. :iagree: - personally I dismissed the PIE levels in the report above, I checked only the PIFs, an average level of 3.78 per ECC block looks quite bad…

Anyway I never take PIE levels into account with NEC scans (even the 3540, which is the “best” NEC scanner to date, reports much higher PIEs than LiteOn, Plextor and Benq drives). Useful strictly for comparing burns. :iagree:

Yeah I know, I was just writing in response to the OPs concern about the PIE levels. I agree that the PIFs are much more worrysome. PIF + a transfer rate graph would be helpful for judging it better.

:iagree: :iagree:

This is another disc, I suppose it’s better?
PS: It’s still rw I bought long ago though. I ordered taiyo yuden from supermediastore, haven’t delivered yet :frowning:

Not bad for Infodisc RW :slight_smile:

Thanks! Then I can use these disc before taiyo yuden gets here~

Just got taiyo yuden 8x DVD+R, the PI ERROR is still very high :sad:

Is it really normal to have a high PIE on NEC 3550A?

BTW: I attached a Transfer Rate Graph too. Which seems a bit slow?

Looks like your drive writes disc @2.4X. That’s what scans look like when high-speeds discs are written at very low speeds. The transfer rate test confirms there is a speed problem.

My bet is DMA is not enabled for this drive. You should post about this issue in the NEC forum to get more help :wink:

About PIE levels, don’t take them too seriously, most drives from the 3550/4550 family reports PIE in a totally unreliable way. :rolleyes:

Thank you very much, Francksoy! I’ll try to seek help there.

A consistant level of 1 PIF is typical of a burn with constant buffer underruns. What high speed discs look like when burned at low speeds is usually not pretty :p, although you can often get fairly good results such as yours when you are using good media .

And for some of these drives, PIF are also reported in an unreliable way.

Try looking at this post for reliable scans of an excellent burn, and then look at the NEC 4551 scans in this post showing the exact same disc.

Then go and have a good laugh or cry, depending on whether you have a NEC drive with the same problem. :wink:

Thanks guys. Seems the result is not that reliable ~
I guess I’ll just pray for my discs then :slight_smile: