OMG , Samsung 203B is an amazing CD burner

Some of you may have noticed how much I was disappointed with the famous S203B regarding DVD recording quality as I am not burning that much of CD-R anymore .

Today I am going in a train trip for 7 hours for some medical examination and to get huge amount of DVD media , so I decided to burn few MP3 CD-Rs for my ancient Creative MP3-CD player . I’ve had a 100 discs of Benq Daxon CD-R media that I thought they were crap just because all my drives burn them with very high jitter and they are all unplayable with the CD player .
I decided to give the 203B a try and OMG , a beautiful CD quality with excellent jitter and most importantly : excellent readability with the player , no more high seeking times or skipping

Here are two discs burnt with the 203B VS one disc burnt with my trusty 1640 :

Nice scans on media that the BenQ couldn’t handle. :clap: May I ask at what speed you burned those?

I’m glad the 202 series got some of the CD burning ability from the 203. :iagree:

The 3 discs were burnt @ 24X , I will try maximum burn speed supported and post back soon

Here is one burnt at maximum sped (48x) with the 203B , Jitter is a little high towards the edge but quality is awesome and above all : IT PLAYS :bigsmile:

I noticed that C1 Errors are becoming less with each burn , learnin feature ?:confused:

I wish it burnt DVD+R/-R that good :frowning:

minaelromany does this train provide internet access? If so that would be kewl. Plug in your lappy and a external burner and away you go :bigsmile: