OMG, OMG NEC 3500 and new securom read

ok i bought kinghts of honor so i backed it up with my nec writer
then i used alcohol and twin peaks then i used the new securom profile not 4/3-5 one, and left the toc which is the recommended way by alcohol team. now u have to uninstall daemon tools and paufin driver for blindwrite but after that it works just fine i can’t believe it can copy secrom games fine also,I have tried the sims dvd using clone cd 5 and it copys fine that is safedisk 3 so i don;t see how this drive isn;t a good copy 1:1 drive like litones or Aopens r watever


I think he means that he copied KOH? successfully, when it’s not supposed to be able to be copied from a silver disc at home with just a 3500…

You sure you bought it, and not downloaded it? :wink: (juuuuust kidding!!!)

i am saying that the nec 3500 can copy securom 5xxx games just use the methodi mentioned above and even safedisc 3 games

Bonus, I’m not much into copying games but I’ll keep that in mind for when I run into one that’s stubborn. I still have no idea what any of that means except you defeated some advanced copy protection. :confused: :iagree: :smiley:

Another way to defeat copy protections:

Create image files of several games and burn them on a DVD.

Mount these files with Daemon Tools from the DVD and it should work fine. That’s how I defeated all copy protections which I have tried so far :wink:

what’s about the SD 3 game: if you use CloneCD 5 it won’t be a “perfect” backup, 'coz emulation is needed to run it…

try it on a pc without clonecd installed - it won’t run…

oh ok but securom 5 is harder to copy and the nec 3500 does fine if u use the alcohol method with twin peaks