OMG just got a new LIte-ON 52x

I just tested out my new 52 x liteon with an image of MOHAA.

I burned it using alochol 120% on 16x durabrand media and it burned as fast as 49x at the end… and I was able to play it my my plextor reader!!!

I am so stoked. I couldn’t burn any safedisk 2.5xxx and up with my 12/4/32 scsi plex and now well… 49x on crap media!!!

Should I even keep my old plextors on this machine?

A new Lite-ON fan

The KING is DEAD!!! Long live the Queen!!!

Seriously though, you may want to keep the Plextor around for those copy protected audio CDs that the Lite-On can’t copy or copies slowly (even though the new firmwares from Lite-On seem to handle everything but Catus DataShield 100 V3 protected discs). You can check out Alexnoe’s review of the different Lite-On firmwares with audio protected CDs here:

welcome to the lite-on family :slight_smile: