OMG! is this normal?



i think QS09 firmware is godly:eek: this was on pio mode also and only burning at 40x media was maxell 650MB 40x cdr
heres the pic

edit: sry pic didnt work b4
edit2: pic works now i think


pic doesn’t work for me. also, i don’t think u can burn at 40x while in PIO mode.


u have a place i can upload pics? for now use this

and about the pio mode not being able to burn at 40x… would it hurt the cdrw if it actually did burn at 40x? its a lite on 52x32x52


In PIO mode the transfers won’t be faster than 20x, so the BurnProof will be activated a lot of times during burning.

Do those small gaps reduce quality? I don’t know, but I suspect it…
I’d like to see those graphs.


here are is the graph for my pio burn(had to save it as a .gif to get it small enuff to upload)


here is a different burn with dma mode on and with smart burn off
(took the disc out b4 it saved but the media is the same as above)


I thought you had disastrous results with PIO mode :o (I didn’t read “QS09 firmware is godly” :smiley: )

Those scans seem wonderful, except the 1st one, but it doesn’t seem that BurnProof affected at all.
I guess the C2 errors are a slight “defect” in the disc…


i don’t see what’s supposed to be so special about the PIO burn. if u look at the average C1/C2 errors, it’s much worse than the DMA burn (the DMA results are also not uncommon on quality media). here’s one of my burns on my 52246S:


@P_1: Did you check the scale on that graph for the PIO disk?


Yes I also do not understand your point. The result with PIO :Z -mode is horrible. Never ever ever ever use PIO :slight_smile:
I guess you mean TY+QS09 = godly :wink:


i used pio mode by mistake when i first installed it i didnt no that win2k would be retarded enuff to put it at pio mode. after i saw that the buffer kept running low i realized that it was in pio and quickly changed it to dma


Are you trying to say that the burn with PIO had a low error rate? If so then check the scale and you will see otherwise.