Omg is hard to choose from this writters. not nec, no no pick a benq



hey, i been going crazy going through the forum looking for the right dvd burner… but geez is pain in the butt, all i want is dvd burner my dvd-r good and read them fine and has good media code update etc… the speed is not inportant to me as long burn at 4x …

this what i see

1: nec is good, oh no liteon kicks butt, yeah right benq rocks the burning world lol

budge $65 very tight one too lol

thank you for helping :wink:


For $65, you’re probably looking at the NEC 3500, NEC 3520, or BenQ 1620. I had a bad experience with a BenQ. I’ve also read posts about reboxed BenQ with non-matching serial number.

The NEC 3500 is my primary burner. It has its quirks, but it burns DVDs very well. No problem backing up music CDs. This drive is a one sheep burner, so it will not perform well for game backup.


thank you for your suggestion…

after 3 hour finding the right dvd-burner, and alot cursing choosing from nec,liteon,benq,etc… and reading people views and point about each burn in there forums… i told my self my first dvd-burn was lite-on 811s and only problem i had with it was they didn’t have media code update but burn fine and just buy what the dvd burn like meaning non-cheap dvd-r/+r etc…

so i’ve chosen Lite-On 16X, DVD Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Drive, Model SOHW-1673S Black, Retail at newegg 65.99 problably the lite-on fan having a field day about me choosing liteon…lol


Well I’m too late according to your post, but the newest LG drive: LG GSA-4163B is an excellent burner. :iagree:


It’s hard to recommend the Liteons, unless you insist on a 2 sheep (but no more) SD2 write capability.

Liteon have failed to get to grips with the burn quality/speed issues of the Mediatek chipset, and has an excessively narrow media tolerance.

Sure, if you insist on buying crap media, you won’t get the best out of ANY drive, but most other drives make a much better effort on “average” media.

With Liteon, for too long, we’ve been saying “they’ll do better in the next firmware” - and some media improves, most doesn’t, and some takes a ridiculous downturn.


I see what you mean, but like i said i wasn’t disappointed with liteon drive and wasn’t because my 811s got screw from a short circut… i would problably not buy a new one lol
the thing is like i mention later is pain in the ass to chose a dvd burner these days man i was so angry chosing this damn burner one person bash others burner maker and other claim this one is better and makes harder on us the one trying to get a burner… so i went what i have experience from my old dvd burner if LITE-ON dissappoint me then i search for another drive…

"Well I’m too late according to your post, but the newest LG drive: LG "GSA-4163B is an excellent burner.
thanks for your suggestion…
burner got shipped getting it tomorrow :slight_smile:


No problem, let us now if you like it … you could always change it for a LG GSA-4163B if you ain’t happy. :wink:


OK, a couple of questions:

  1. What’s a “one sheep burner”? Do we measure burning quality in farm animal units now? Please explain.

  2. What is a good burner for game backup, particularly for consoles (the PS2 laser is finicky and is known to die if fed scratched media)?



The “sheep” are a reference to the logo of Elaborate Bytes, and the way the rated drive capability in CloneCD.

No sheep = unable to accurately write repeating EFM data patterns - “weak sectors”, beaten by Safedisk 2
1 sheep = Writes some EFM patterns … SD2 up to EARLY 2.5
2 sheep = Writes MOST EFM patterns … SD2 2.5 (all), 2.6, maybe 2.8

To do SD2.9 requires a better than 2 sheep drive (rare, even rarer in DVD writers).
To go higher still is even tougher, and a region wher results conflict.

So you “amplify weak sectors” (CloneCD) or “Bypass EFM Error” (Alcohol)?

Not quite, it may nudge the capability a step higher, but more often doesn’t - in most recent tests, it tends not to deliver any increase in cpability.


Um, I couldn’t find the burner ratings on their site. Could you please post a link?