OMG I Killed my 8x Lite-on HELP!

I flashed my 8x LTR-0841 into the 12x

everything seemed to have went fine but when i tried to burn it didnt work… now my PC or bios won’t even reconize the drive… get some kinds of funky error i think its the aspi error… cant remember.

but anyways, can some1 please give me a link so i can download the flash program and firmware for LTR-0841… i know i was an idiot i didnt save my old firmware… plz help and thanks

Well, you need pflash, not mtkflash…get it here

so many files and binarys to choose from… what do i pick?

Maybe The latest for 0841?

Originally posted by alexnoe
Maybe The latest for 0841?

would that be the lowest one? or can u just tell me the file or bin name and i will download and try that one thanks.

Should be MS8E.