OMG Help me out! Flash PROBLEM

I have a DDW-082 but for those out there that know this drive and its problems, it has nothing to do with this. OK, I accidently left a burnt dvd+r in the drive during when I flashed it. OMG Im such a lamo. GOD damn it. I need to slap myself. Anyways I tried reflashing the drive but I can only burn coasters now. I have a warranty but sending it back and and recieving it will take at least 2 weeks!! I have broadband and only 5 GB of space left on my HDD, so I dont have the time. I need to know how to fix this. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Well, umm. You can’t fix it AFAIK. The drive appears to have failed and needs to be replaced. From what I hear, these Nu drives have a slightly higher failure rate than most other brands.

I recently just tried something. I reflashed the drive without having anti-virus protection enabled. I read it from somewhere… I dunno… I tried testing a burn with nero speed with a DVD+RW and it worked. It was successful but I dont know all the factors in which it made the burn successful. That was only one try. I dont know if the burn will fail the next time. I need to test the burning more.

I just tried a REAL burn without Nero Speed and using a program like Alcohol 120%. I think it works now. It was succesfull. 3 out of 3 burns failed after misflash and 2 out of 2 burns successful after proper reflash. I think I got it working now. I think it was the Anti-Virus protection in ZoneAlarm v5 Suit. I think thats unusual for a program like that to cause problems with my DVD burner. Or maybe I was lucky to reflash the drive correctly. I don’t know but I got it working now.