Omega /freestyle dvd+/-r cmc mag m01 / mcc004 / mcc03rg20


Does anybody used these discs?

They have new design, earlier it was:

I used them some time, and it was pretty good. Just wanted to know who made this. Even if they are fake ones, price/quality are very very good.
You can buy 200pcs for the same price as 100pcs of verbatims.
Quality after few months is the same as right after burning so… i’m thinking about to buy some more quantity of them.
Here are some numbers:
CPDR47G-CSMWP03-510 0321
PFPNIINI27I72645 (maybe I=1 not sure, poor visibility of it)
Would be fine if somebody can check what is this and where really they came from. Thx.

Here is scan:

What you think?

Greetings :slight_smile:

These are not fakes (CMC MAG M01), but others with the MCC codes are fake. I had few of them before, but in that time I got fake MCC codes. Their DVD+R DL have fake RICOHJPN code.

Off topic but I had CD-R’s with the older design and they were CMC.

The worst CMC CD’s ever.