Omega DVD-R - MCC 03RG20

Hello friends,

Are these real Verbatim dvds, of fake ones?


You cannot tell from this screenshot. You have to physically examine the discs for the codes on it, near the center. (These hub & stamper codes aren’t visible in the picture of the disc, either).

[But I think the Omega brand, from what I’ve seen, has had fakes before, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they are fakes.]

Thank you for your answer, i was 99% sure…
Here is a photo with the code from the center.

Sadly, these discs are fake Verbatims.

I think you have fake media, yes. That code doesn’t match up with the format of any genuine MCC media I’ve seen.

[edit: pepst the media man helped :)]

Fortunately i only buyed one, thay were very very very cheap :slight_smile:
Sadly, i buyed a 25 pack of Sony DVD-R. They are all rubbish :(. I tried them on 4 burners: 2xAsus + 2 LineOn. None of them can write anything on Sonys.
Thank you all for your answers :slight_smile: