Omega drivers

Hi! Can someone help me?

I’ve got a dell 4300 P4 1.5GHZ, 512MB sdram, some pretty old material (Jul2001) but running quite well under XP SP1a. It had a Radeon rage 128, but it can’t run some of the newest games.
so, i’ve bought a radeon 9550 128M and got it installed with the drivers that came with the board.
now, the problems:
the system is very slow, computer keeps freezing (stop and goes all the times), sometimes it restarts, sometimes “recovers form serious errors”, sometimes gives a “nice blue screen” with some kind of dump and problems reported on ati2dvag
however, it doesn’t give (almost) any error while playing RCT3.
I have MUCH more problems while doing some normal things like using outlook, word, explorer, etc.
I looked at the “CPU usage” and noticed lots of peaks, and a average usage of 80% while doing “nothing” (i.e. just looking at the task manager…)
So, that’s what i’ve tried:

  1. downloaded catalyst 6.6
  2. removed ati drivers with add/remove
  3. restarted computer
  4. use driver cleaner pro 1.5 to rid of ATI driver
  5. updated drivers using the install program from ati
  6. restarted computer…
    and got the same problems above

After reading more i found out about Omega drivers for Radeon cards. I installed the latest driver (3.8)and the CPU was cut down dramatically.Whats the best version for this card? i heard some ppl like the older build 2.6… tx for any help