Omega branded MCC 003



Is this bulls**t? Scan results are satisfying and disc is read well, but cheap Omega with MID MCC 003 ? Another Fake?


Could you post the code in the clear hub? And the stamper code? :slight_smile:


DVD+R 13C+180117 U28A 03 050202 10 48 22 8961
I hope this is helpful. That was all i found on the hub


next information is on the data side:
DP 4.7G S01 G2


Genuine MCC media would have something with “ZD…-DVR-T47D” or similar.
And no factory that officially produces Mitsubishi media has hub codes like [I]DVD+R 13C+180117 U28A 03 050202 10 48 22 8961[/I].

So what you got is most likely a Hong Kong or Macau fake.
It’s maybe ok for unimportant stuff but I wouldn’t use it for important data…