Oman Police Seize 20,000 Pirated Computer Programs

I just posted the article Oman Police Seize 20,000 Pirated Computer Programs….

Somewhere in Omani (where the hell is that?) the police have seized more than 20,000 computer programs and several PC’s from a major reseller in the Gulf Arab.

The Business Software…

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oman is in saudi arabia

Where da hell is Microsoft getting those figures :frowning: Shite man I can pull number out of my ass too. Due to not owning my own business I loose about 1.2 million a year. :8

just for this , i will copy windows xp and put it on a public server, and announce it everywhere on newsgroups. microsoft, suck my balls ! :4

Oman is not in Saudi, it’s on the Arabian Peninsula between Yemen and UAE.

Ey MDD, Where did u post it? Interested for Office XP too :slight_smile: ? M$ $uck his balls :slight_smile: Grtz JP.

I’d love to know where they got their accountants as they seem to add a few extra zeros to the real number…

Shit Microsoft is right with their figures. Lets help them stop piracy. So that they can pay the IRS the part of $12 billion in taxes in their supposed figures in sales. Would that be like 34%. Microsft BIG BULL SHIT!!!