OM Digital Max - YSG5 vs YS0V?

Hello folks,

I picked up the DRW-5S163 at Office Max due to the insane price of $25 after rebates. [Yes, I know - we all HATE rebates!]

I had read here that you can update it to YS0V Lite On firmware with no problems [other than voiding your warranty]. However, I first chose to go to the digital max website where I found YSG5 firmware for this drive.

Is there any way to know if YSG5 and YS0V are in fact the SAME firmware or not?

I obtained the following info from OmniPatcher:
YSG5 - 11/08/2005 19:55
YS0V - 11/29/2005 19:33

Is there any way to compare these more directly. I realize comparing them with a binary compare util would be kinda pointless since there will be various differences due to the DRW-5S163 vs SOHW-1635S etc.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. On a side note - even though the -Rs burn a bit further “out” the disc than on other players my Toshiba SD-2800 seems to play it perfectly fine. Any idea if this will be “fixed” in a later firmware?

You can try ala42’s MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool to see if it will read either. Otherwise, you’ll have to extract the binary files and use something like Winhex to compare any differences, not that it would make any sense.