Ollie, I would like to know more about custom

Hey Ollie,

I was wondering about the custom settings, I have been asked about overburning with my Plex 712A using +R’s…

In your custom option, are you using the same math as the media maker’s? such as 1meg=1000 or 1meg=1024

I would like to try overburning but wanted to know your meg

Same as media makers (1meg=1000), otherwise customers would be confused… (and would need a calculator :slight_smile: )


I have another question, I can’t remember but I think you have stated before that DVD-5 is actually set just a bit smaller then the 4700MB?

You felt that would be better because of the problems with the outer edges of burn DVD’s?

If I remember this to be correct? then if a person wanted to use the full DVDR then they should change the Custom to 4700MB instead of DVD-5?

I am wondering the problems with overburning with the plexy’s, not sure if I want to get use to using that or not, or is this overburning +R’s just making +R’s and -R’s the exact same size? I do know that -R’s can hold just a little bit more then a +R

Can’t remember saying this… DVD-5 should be identical to custom setting 4700.

See, thats why I said “I think”, I really dont get paid to think :wink: or I would be out of alot of money… lol

Maybe I was reading something, where someone was talking about splitting the dvd’s up into 2 and making the custom size smaller because of the outer edge problem they were having