Olli wondering if you could tweak the speed settings

Olli wondering if you could tweak the speed settings in clonecd !

becuse when ever you copy enything

from hdd to writer or on the fly after you burn it

only gives you the avrage speed ! when its flying through the cd befour the end im getting 48:91x then when the cd slows down to close the disk after that is complete it tells you in the log you where only going at 29:23x ???

could you tweak clonecd so that it add`s the speed from when it slowed down to the log !!!

tnx… hope you can fix or weak this…

hmm…that would be nice…so we can see on which time it accelerates

Don’t see the point actually. The average speed is good enough for me. If you want to do benchmarks with your drive use Nero CD Speed :wink:

I burned Spiderman and max speed clonecd reported was 41x…never got to 48x on my Liteon o/c 48x burner…yet Nero CD Speed reports CAV writing with a min 22x and max 48.95x with avg of 37.1x…

I used a Philips 40x cdr that smartburn reports will work at 48x…

will clonecd report a speed of 48x???

Don’t know actually but it shouldn’t be a problem… I think CloneCD just measures the data rate and then calculates the read/write speed. My fastest writers are ‘just’ 40x so I can’t really be sure if CloneCD will report 48x. And besides that, I might be totally off with my ‘theory’ on how CloneCD reports the read/write speed.

thanks G@M3FR3@K