Olli, Why is there Selective CSS Decoding in AnyDVD

Recenty I have been recieving the message that AnyDVD is NOT able to correctly crack all the CSS encoding in this disk and there is a possibility that certain portions of the disk might not play at all.

Olli if you are reading disk would you please shed some light on this ?

I was under the impression that the CSS decryption has been continusly updated with the upcoming versions ! :confused:

This can happen, if:

1.) You read a DVD with region mismatch, e.g. R1 Disc in R2 drive
2.) The drive does not reveal the title key on region mismatch
3.) There is a short title set with not enough vulnerable blocks for a brute force attack. Good example: The FBI warning on Finding Nemo R1

Although AnyDVD is very good at CSS cracking, I know of no software, which can crack these titles, not even DVD Decrypter.

Previous AnyDVD versions had this problem as well, they simply didn’t show a warning… :slight_smile:

Don’t worry too much, the main movie is never affected (too many blocks in the title set)

Much appreciated for the reply and thanks for the answer.

You were right it was kind of getting me worried a bit but I am glad its not a big deal :smiley:

AH nice too hear from good people again…:bow:

Yup, I’ve been getting this quite a bit lately too (since updating).

Having said that, the DVDs seem to still copy perfectly.

So everything is still great! :smiley:

I get the CSS decrypting message and after I click on Continue, I can’t do anything – there is no next button. What changes do I need to make to remedy the problems that you identified in your post

this thread is more than 2 years old and refers to an old out of date anydvd version.

assuming you’re having the same problem with the same version (you didn’t not specify any information about your individual problem) my advice would be to update anydvd.