Olli: tried replacing write dll file, still having same problem

i reinstalled 1click copy and dvdxplatinum. i burned +r and -r discs with both of these programs using updated anydvd. they burned fine and took the normal amount of time. i can burn -r discs with clonedvd but when i try any +r dvd’s i get the 300 or 400 min burn times that never get past 1 percent. just wondering if you knew of any other fixes i could try? also could you send me a link to clonedvd version i would like to try it with the updated version of anydvd. thanks for all of your help. :bow:

I have put the old CloneDVD version here, in case you want to revert until this problem is solved:
(Install it in a different directory)

Please try these versions:



Thank you!

are these new updates or beta versions? i will give them a try.

This depends on your feedback. :slight_smile: