Olli - Some user feedback (CDVD


Just a couple of comments I thought I’d post on the current version:

  1. The message in the log which goes something like “Destination size sufficient, transcoding engine disabled” doesn’t seem to be displayed consistently. (i.e. I have backed up several DVDs were there is no need for compression but don’t get the above message). I think it is only displayed when you use a DVD5 - DVD5 method… should it not be the same for DVD9 -DVD5 if the selected content fits?

  2. The auto-shutdown option. Would be nice to just have a little warning message with 10 second countdown or something, because last time I enabled it (expecting to leave it alone) I continued using my PC and forgot about it, only to have my machine suddenly switch off. Caught me by surprise for a moment there!

Just some minor niggles… I hope you find them useful feedback.