Olli some Information Please

Can you be so kind as to inform me and the rest of this forum as to what exactly your soon to be released MakeDisc Program does?
Also when will it be ready for release and what it will cost to register?

It is my belief that it will copy dvd and convert it into vcd format.

Thank you King Olli for taking the time to answer 1 of a million mere peasants who looks up to you. :bow: :bow: :bow:

its supposed to burn DVDs and Cds and will be like Clone cd and CLonyxxl all in 1

Just rumors though.

for the true info.

try emailing the devs up at elby.ch

MakeDisc shall be a mastering software for CDs and DVDs. it shall run as good as CloneCD, quickly and easy to use.
But there is still a lot of work to do for the elby team to get all components that are useful together, we are working on that program, but it takes time, time and time.

Regards, sven

thanks Sheepfriend…nice too know you are working hard and will produce another top quality product…will all look forward to it

Will Makedisc have the ability to convert dvd movie to vcd format sven?

And is there any idea of what its registration cost will be?:eek: