Olli plz help ccd4b30 and cd mate

hi olli,

i recently tried to back up serious sam2:second encounter (sd2v2.51xx) with my tdk velocd 161040x wich i found out does not support correct efm encoding. But I thought i would give it a go any way.

Note i did not install from original cd.

I tried to back up with ccd4b30 and this did not work i tried all different settings but could not get a copy to run.

Next i tried to back up with cd mate using default settings first as with ccd. the interesting thing is that this worked on the first attempt.But would not do sd2v2.40xx

  1. i could install from the back up copy.

  2. i could also play from the back up.

  3. catch was i had to have the “hide cdr media” setting from clone cd enabled to do this.

As i said my writer does not support correct efm encoding at all.

So why did this copy work and not the one done with clone cd?

I still think clone is better though!

I also backed up diablo2 lord of destuction (working copy) wich i have not been able to do with any burning program.

this should give you some idea of my writers capabilities. About the only protection i can copy with this burner is overburn.

added later>> i always test the image files with daemon tools and no emulation on. But can never burn to cd


Diablo has Secure ROM… Not safe disk 2…

So that’s why you could copy diablo 2…

Not the same protection

Dont mean to sound rude but i know the protection it has.
What im saying is I have never been able to back up ANY protection. So why now can cd mate do it and not the best CLONE CD

Originally posted by slayerking
I have never been able to back up ANY protection.
With the TDK? Then you had other problems! Struggle through the sticky posts, pinned to the top of this Forum “Settings” & “Down & Dirty”. Eliminate all of the potential coaster traps and try again; I’m not sure, but I believe that AWS (for SD2) works with the VeloCD (or is your 16x a CyClone? If so then your FW Rev. needs to be >= 5.31).

hi futureproof

there are 2 types of the tdk velocd 161040 they are :

type 1: tdk velocd 16/10/40 (rebadged plextor px-w1610)

type 2: tdk velocd 16/10/40x (rebadged sanyo dont know model off top of head)

My writer is the second (rebadged sanyo) and the firmware for this NEEDS to be v5.32 as v5.31 does NOT support writing in RAW-DAO. I have checked everywhere even clone cd homepage for info on it and they all say no it cant do correct efm encoding.
Trust me dude this writer is CRAP .

I am currently looking at buying the asus crw-4012a or a lite-on any model