Olli (CloneCD maker) about Safedisk 2

I just posted the article Olli (CloneCD maker) about Safedisk 2….

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This is a forumpost by Olli. He explains why Clonecd will not be compatible with Safedisk 2, only on certain…

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Hehe, And still I was able to copy Red Alert 2 Without a crack with CloneCD, Nice Plextor writer I have I guess =o)

I wrote RA2 with my Plextor 12/10/32 SCSI and reading the copy ain’t a problem with the writer, my Ultraplex 40x SCSI and some various cheap IDE cdroms!!

Hmmmm Olli never tested this writer I guess?

hai die hai,

whell i used clone to backup the original but i can only play it in my plex writer

Wich Plexwriter did you use? And that about the firmware?

there is a new plextor firmware update at this link: http://www.plextor.be/English/technical/download2.html

sory but i copied red alert2 with plextor 12/10/32 a and it works every where!( firmware 1.07)

clixomano -

You are not alone

Dixomano, did you use the IDE or SCSI plextor 12/10/32?

How do you find out which Hardware your burner is using?

Witch Hardware??? are you on dope or something?!?

I think he wants to know wich brand his writer really is…

Where you can find it: in the help file of CDRWin is a list of CD Writers and their manufacturer…

I have a Plextor 8/4/32 ide rewriter and it doesn’t seem to work, not all the way. it comes pretty close but no cigar.
Anyone have any suggestions as to a rewriter that works every time?

It only must be the DAO
DAO is the might
SAo don´t work !

wouldn’t it be possible to build an app with its own firmware that goes down to the actual pits on the cd, on a 1 for one basis, never taking the data passed this stage and so could not be affected by protections?

hell, safedisk 2 is a problem that was solved long ago, now it only an academic challenge to see whether or not we can reproduce the exact cd - its not as if we cant just crack the software itself!

What about the Mitsumi 4804TE? What chipset does it use?

I have a Plexwriter 8432 IDE I can copy SafeDisk 2 but I can ONLY read the Cd-Rom in the writer ,not in my DVD Hitachi 12x .Before I had a 50x IDE “no name” and I read the SafeDisk2 OK (Oh! Dawn God). Sorry for my english .

The info by Olli is slightly incorrect. SD2 is not copyable because most (but not all) CD writers correct (or change) the data (like Plextor 8432T).

With these CD writers, if you make a copy and re-make an image from the copy, then using the excellent Daemon CD emu the image does not work.

The problem indeed does lie with the CD writer. Come on, Plextor we need a new firmware update to fix this.

Hello again
I have a plextor 8432 rewriter and i can run SD2 protected copies on the Plextor but not on other drives
If the Plextor simply ‘corrects’ data, maybe a firmware upgrade to disable this or allow this to be disabled for copying

i have an ide but as a reader i use a burner hp 8100 with a cracked firmware.