Olli/Anydvd/How do you know if it is working...?

Hi…silly question…I plan on usung Anydvd with Dvd decrypter for now…

How can I actually tell if Anydvd is working…?eg when a new protection is out…?

Am I correct in assuming,as long as it’s running in the background…and dvddecrypter actually rips the iso…then it has worked…?

ie if there was a new protection out…and Anydvd was running…would decrypter (or any other ripping program eg clonedvd) report that it is unable to rip iso/ifo files…?


Thanks for any info.

Is there any point in using Decrypter with AnyDVD - you could jsut copy the files in Explorer.

Or do you prefer to make an ISO - which limits you to DVD Shrink for recompressing as I don’t think Nero Recode2 can open an ISO.

You can always use Virtual CloneDrive or Daemon Tools to mount the ISO.

I do prefer ISO…I don’t compress at all…prefer to have original quality…with 1 click easy transfer to hard drive…as decrypter does :slight_smile:

Olli…any chance for an answer to my original question…? :confused: …please…


Well, if Decrypter works and doesn’t find read errors, you’re fine.
As an alternative you could use CloneDVD to create the ISO as well, e.g. with the “Write existing Data” Option.
CloneDVD will certainly abort, if AnyDVD didn’t work.

Ok Thank you.

i’m sorry but i had to read the question 3 times to fully understand that the person that asked this question couldn’t understand that if the copy he made did not work then the program did not work. did he or she even try to see if the program would make a copy for them before they posted this? i don’t know alot but i do know to try everything that i can first before asking a question especially one like this. everytime i read it i think “my god, use your brain???”

coolwebman…If you had a brain you would not hav had to read it 3 times…my question was valid…what don’t you understand?

I did not make a copy and I could not test it because at the moment Anydvd will take care of any copy protection…as you now know after reading it 3 times…
my question was how would I know if it did not work for future encryption,ie would it produce a visible error before the burning process began.

AS it is around £5.00 for a single Dual Layer disc…which is what I use…I did not want to waste one!

Do you understand now…or will you need to use your brain…???

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I use AnyDVD with DVD Decrypter also. The way I know it worked is After I put the DVD in the drive I open up Decrypter and select File. It says Region 123456Ect CSS None or something like that.

I then rip the files to a folder on my Hard Drive. I do this when I don’t want or have time to do it all right then. Then I will open up shrink and click open files and point it to the folder, then shrink away.

That was the way I was doing it. Now I use AnyDVD with Clone DVD. It rips,shrinks, and makes the ISO in about an hour. The quality has been perfect. If it does run into trouble ( Haven’t had any yet) Clone DVD will stop and let you know before you even get close to the burning stage, unless you selected to burn directly to disk. I don’t recommend that option.