OLEDs will have to wait to the future

Sad but true fact: OLED may look good, but still years away.

A basic bit of reading material:

What I had to say about OLEDs.

Ars Technica talks OLEDs.

San Francisco Chronicle takes a look at OLEDs during CES.

LG’s impressive OLED display.

Hell, even OLED digital picture frames!

What do you think about the developing technology?

There will always be competing technology.

OLED’s are very energy efficient - and could save the planet.
Laser TV’s … hmm …

At any rate, OLED’s will be a very successful technology for portable devices, as it will greatly extend the battery life :iagree:
I’m like to see them pack a laser into a small form factor :wink:

They should make OLED disposable TV’s. Make an expensive OLED printer available and when you OLED craps out you print another screen. Even if the screen lasted only a month, a simple press of the “print” button and wala, a new screen. You could have your local hardware store offer cheap printing, or for that case anyone who purchased a printer could set up shop. You could have TV’s in any shape for form you wanted. Never happen, I know.