OLEDs largely missing from CES

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Oragnic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) may still be a new and upcoming technology, but the future appears to be bright as more manufacturers show off new OLED screens. But the lack of OLEDs in…

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It was disappointing to see very few OLEDs in Las Vegas this year. I hope manufacturers launch their LCDs this year, and we’ll be able to see even more OLEDs next year at CES 2010.

Laser displays have a wider color reproduction compared with OLED, and Mitshubishi have one.

Some LCD have led back-light, and have similar gamut with OLED. These displays are a little bit short of contrast ratio, but is compensated with local dimming of LEDs. Practically offer same image quality.

With similar quality LCD compared with OLED, and apparition of superior technology (laser TV), i don’t see future in OLED technology.

Yea, Mitsubishi has supposedly “had one” (Laser DLP) for years. Where is it - other than on 5-year-old web sites?

Ya, why rush out a new improved product when you can keep selling garbage LCD TV’s that cost next to nothing to produce, but have a heavy consumer price tag. On top of that, you still have brainwashed consumers buying LCD’s that think they have a better picture tahn CRT when clearly they need to get their eyes checked.