I used to have an old 386, and on it ran the holiest of holies, Windows 3.1. Back when windows was indeed just a program used to run solitare. My father taught me the ways of DOS. But then technology shifted over to the GUI-side, forever banishing DOS into a shell of its former self.


my dad still uses 3.1 - he got pissed off when i suggested he upgrade. poor guy - im not sure his comp can run anything written in the last 8 years anyways.

i miss dos

Luckily there is still 4NT

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… you sure…?

Unfortunately yes. Everything that used be done (quickly) via commad prompt is being gradually moved to GUI.

The command prompt is now only the domain of us Old Fogies, Elite hackers and Linux nerds.

(and even linux is leaning towards gui’s more now to attract more morons, i mean system administrators)

Nuff said.