Older version of PlexTools Pro 2.35

Do anyone know where one can find older versions of PlexTools Professional v2.35 from Plextor?

Also, since when did Plextor advertise Plextools Professional XL with the regular PlexTools Professional?

The 2.35 was an update for older versions or packaged with specific models. Current posted version for US and Europe is 2.35. Again, this is an update, not a full install. You need a full install loaded in your system first.

You need an install disc from a 716, 755 or 760 and then update.

V2.36 I think is shipped with the PX-608U and posted on the Japanese site as a update.

I have the 716 install disc, but was looking for an older “update” in the 2.2x version instead of the currently available 2.35 of PlexTools Professional.

I wish there was a way to do a clean install with just a verification instead. Currently I have to install the older version before installing the update.


You can download older versions of Plextools on that page: http://www.plextor.com/english/support/PTP_history.htm
Not all of them but many.
Please pay attention that the earliest version that you can use with your Plextor 716 is [B]2.17[/B]

And if you wish to do a clean install you can do it this way: Install Plextools from your installation disc. When Installer ask you to reboot - don’t do it! Click “No”. Don’t start Plextools! Immediately uninstall it. Now open regedit.exe and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Plextor\ . There must be no any other keys under this section. Now you can install any version that you like.

Awesome Thanks, Poaaplina!!!

So there should be no entries/keys under the Plextor key (below). Is that correct?


That is all I need for a clean install.

Also, I do not see this in the history, but what is the earliest version supporting 760A?

I just put in an order for the 760A. YEAH!!! I surmise that is Plextor’s last in house designed/manufactured drive… :eek: :frowning: :sad: