Older Teac P55 printer and AL220 autoloader

I just purchased an older (probably first version) Teac P55 printer with the AL220. The download manuals do not correspond to these models. The Teac P55 does not have a USB connection, only a Parallel Port Multi connector and a Status Aux Connector. The AL 220 does not have a USB, has only a Parallel Port Multi, RS 232 and a network connector. I have the cables.

But unsure how the two units connect together and than to my PC laptop (my lap top does not have a parallel port Multi, only network, RS 232) running Windows XP. The system will be stand alone and not used in a network.

I have the Teac P55 Utility Software ver 1.0.19 disc and the Teac TrueNet Software disc v 2.3.4

How do I hook these all up?