Older Sony car CD PLAYER

I have a Sony cd player in my car, its rather old 5 years or so. I realize that it is not suppose to be able to read cd-r audio disks I have created with my burner. The problem is some audio disks I make with my burner play fine in it, some play sometimes but skip badly, and some do not play at all. Is there a reason why some cd-r’s play using the same brand media and some do not? Is there a brand of media someone could recommend to possibly alleviate this if is this is indeed the problem? And if not could anyone make any other suggestions? Any help with this vexing problem would be greatly appreciated. I have a baseball bat with Sony wrote all over it so hurry, I have really lost my patience with this thing! I’m running P3 500mhz sony crx-140e burner roxio easy cdcreator 5.0 have used Fujifilm, TDK, Sony, Memorex media sometimes they work, most of the time they dont. Thanks :a

First off I suggest you go and get Nero Burning ROM.
It’s the best out there but If you can’t afford it you could stick with EZ CD Creator.
Another thing, if the CD’s you burnt are recent, they could have a copy protection which some CD players can’t read because they don’t comply with the “Red Book Standard”.
I think the best CD-R’s to use for audio have to be the
Verbatim Metal Azo CD-R’s or TDK Gold CD-R’s.

Car cdplayers (especially older models) are rather sensitive when it comes to playing damaged/scratched cds or playing self burned cd-recordables. The only options you have is change the writingspeed or try different media.

I can’t explain why some cds do play and some don’t even when you use the same media, burn at the same speed and burn the same data…