Older Plextor drives still worthy? (Safedisk 3.x capable?)

I have two old plextor drives that I believe are similar or even identical models to ones mentions in the past, that were known to be able to deal with Safedisk v3.x.

I have a SCSI Plexwriter 8/2/20 (this drive is currently in a SCSI external enclosure but I would remove from here and mount in the PC).

I have a SCSI PlexWriter 12/4/32 (Code on drive W124TSi)

I also have a SCSI Ultraplex 40X CD-ROM drive.

I’m asking about these old drives because after googling I found a post by a member of this forum called “Parker” who mentioned that the 8/2/20 and 12/4/32 were used to create backups of Safedisk 3.x media.

This was the original post I found - http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=96383

Are these drives still relevant today or should these be discarded and can i buy a newer drive to do everything these drives can do and more (inc DVD writing) ?