Older Philips cdr type where to find them?


I used to be able to buy me philips cd’s.

But the problem is, my father’s car radio only accepts these cd’s !

And philips has changed factory in Taiwan where thet let them make as oem for philips.

They come from Ritek originally, type 7 — 74 minutes, 45 seconds

(info according to atip by plextools)

does anyone know where they can be bought?

Maybe in a dark corner in old warehouse shop?

Months ago i found a place where they sold them, I took their whole stock then from that shop.

Only these cds can be played on that car-radio.

I must have tried 20 brands of cdr’s, none of them work.

I even burn at 2 speed for better readability, no workie.

Also I emailed Philips if they knew where these cds could be found, no help either.

Look at the link below, these are the cd’s I look for.

No other brand, just these are good, anyone can help out?

Or maybe equal cd’s from ritek, with same atip info.



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Try TY or Verbatim DLP in the cranky car player.

I heard good things about TY, maybe I can try that.

Verbatim I have here, but they are made at CMC Magnetics, BASF makes them there too at CMC Magnetics, CMC Magnetics did not work.

Verbatim I have here, but they are made at CMC Magnetics

You likely have the low-end Verbatim, not DataLifePlus which are Mitsubishi. If you can find some old 16x Verbatim DLP “Azo-Blue”, they are very audio-friendly in some cranky players. The new Verbatim Vinyl audio discs are also “Azo-Blue”.

I have here Verbatim Datalife 40x 700 mb, recently bought.

Havent tried these new verbatim’s i have now though.

Man i almost “eat” cdr’s, everytime I buy 30 cdr’s at a time, every time other brand, whatever i can get my hands on.

What means azo blue?

I am not sure if I have these now

Verbatim Datalife 40x

Those are the newer formulation that is lighter blue than the Azo-Blue. I think they’re marked “Super-Azo”. They are more like the TY in color.

Maybe I should try them then.

Thanks for helping out.

Any onther tips are welcome

btw, do you know a website that has ATIP info on all brands?

When I can check these good philips cd’s that DO play, with plextools, and I would know the ATIP info, i can check and see if i can find CDR’s with the same ATIP

do you know a website that has ATIP info on all brands

Look in the media test threads here. ATIP changes on most media, so it’s not really something that can be databased very reliably. There are also examples on media showing one ATIP and actually being something else. It’s not all that reliable. Phillips doesn’t make media, so it could be anything. Currently, Phillips is mostly CMC.

I will check those threads, thanks

I know Philips does not make media.

Its all made in Taiwan factories.

So its really trial and error tryout what media is good for that car player.

I will try to find me some TY in an online store here in my country, preferably I would want 74 minutes cd’s since even 80 minutes cd’s are rejected by that car player.

It says so in the manual too that the car player might have trouble playing cd recordables. (burned cd’s)

Man…its a philips player, did philips not invent cd’s in the first place, and is very open to people burning their own cd’s?