Older PC game name



OK, so…I used to play this PC game when i was younger. My memory on it is very foggy, but I’ll explain it to my best memory.

You play this princess character, & you’re on this mission…for some purpose (I know I’m helpful lol) I believe it was to get back to her kingdom…anywho…I remember there is a level where you have to crack some code written on a fountain, so you can get down these stairs in a well. There’s another level where she has to get up to this tree house thing, but sometimes a dragon or flying animal will come and attack her, so you have to be careful. There’s another level where she’s walking though a cave where there are gremlins/trolls bathing in mud. She has to talk to them to get clues/information on some old lady. I vaguely remember her wearing a blue dress, and the cover of the game having the old lady on it, which I believe was this witch she had to fight as some point in the game.

That’s all I can remember for the most part. I played this game about 5-6 years ago, and I think it was fairly new.